Flooring & Tiles

Hardwood And Parquet Flooring, Granite And Ceramic Tiles

So the time has come to renew your house and you are thinking about re-doing the floor and maybe replacing the bathroom tiles? This is a good time to take a good look at your options and only then build a home-improvement plan for your house.

Let’s start with the flooring department. If you are already having a parquet or hardwood flooring in your house then you will want to consider whether or not you actually want to replace the existing floor with a new wooden floor. There are ways to renew your wooded flooring by polishing it. This will be less expensive and the hardwood floor will look like new. You can then divert the money saved to other parts of the house that need more attention. But re-polishing the floor applies to hardwood flooring, and if your floor is made of parquet, than this may not apply. If you do have parquet floor, however, you may want to change it from real parquet wood to laminate parquet, that requires no treatment.

If your floor is made out of granite tiles than your decisions will be different. Let’s say you are thinking about re-doing the kitchen floor tiles. Then the things you need to consider are – how do the kitchen tiles tie together with the living room tiles as well as the kitchen cabinets? You will probably want to have matching colors so it will all look good together. So if you want to replace the tiles in the kitchen only, try not to go too far from the tiles in other rooms so it will all look nice together. Granite floor tiles are recommended – they are very popular as they are very durable, not expensive and come in a great verity of colors and sizes. The bigger the tile, the more expensive it is, but bigger tiles look much better and much cleaner in your home than small tiles, so keep that in mind as you pick tiles for your house.

You will also want to have a good match between your kitchen and bathroom ceramics to their corresponding flooring tiles. Just make sure you get high quality, glazed tiles that will be durable and last for a long time. The tiles’ installation is also important and needs to be done by a professional. This is because a tile that is not placed out the right way look very ugly.